Business Mouse Episodes 1 & 2 released

Its good to see episodes 1 & 2 of Business Mouse by Modern Toss released. They've been released on youtube and on Channel4's new Comedy Blaps site.

Business Mouse, coming soon!

This is something I've been working on lately; It's the latest comedy mini series from the guys at Modern Toss.

Looking forward to seeing the finished episodes, should be very funny!

Samasung Wireless Monitor Viral

Here's a viral produced by Duckeye Films and TVF which I did a few days work on. I was called in at the end of the shoot to add some additional animation to the project. It was a pretty fun and bizarre project as it involved stop-motion animating a live actor! launched!

I've finally got around to sorting out a proper website for my animation work. will act as a portfolio of all my major projects. I'm still keeping this blog running but now it will be a record of everything i'm currently working on, which should hopefully mean more posts!

High Rankin On PromoNews

Good news, my video for High Rankin's Still No Money For Guns has been featured on PromoNews!

High Rankin - Still No Money For Guns (Feat Tigerlight)

My music video for High Rankin has been released! Really fun project to work on this one and a sick tune.

Additional animation by Matthew Campbell (2d Animation), Jordan Wood and David Cubitt.

Project Chapman 3D

So I've just got back from the shoot for Asylum Films section of this film and I can say it's probably been the best project i've been lucky enough to work on. Project Chapman 3d is a 90 minute stereoscopic feature film about the life of Graham Chapman from Monty Python, based around Chapman's autobiography 'A liar's Autobiography'. I was working as a stop-motion animator in a small team of 5. We shot the whole thing in just two weeks in the basement of a very cool London studio. Unfortunately I can't reveal much more but for now here's a pic of me and the animation crew on set.

The film is due for release in Spring 2012 and its very exciting!

More info about the film can be found at

Gaspard & Lisa Charcter Animation Reel

Gaspard & Lisa is children's television series produced by Chorion on which I worked as a character animator around Autumn 2010. This reel is collection of my favourite shots which I animated. Thanks and Enjoy.

Short film Turning Nominated for a BAFTA

Karni & Saul’s short film ‘Turning' has been nominated for a BAFTA. I had a small involvement in the film doing some of the 3d animation on a shot involving a present walking on ribbons. It's a brilliant short film and you can watch it in full at the link below.

Karni & Saul's Turning on BBC film Network


Title Cards

I came across these title cards while I was updating my showreel and it seemed a shame not to have them seen anywhere.

I created these while working at Pew36 for the zombie music video trilogy Burn the Whole place Down. They were intended as mock-up cinema cards to be inserted between the films in the style of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. Burn the Whole Place Down can be viewed here

Everything Everything- Photoshop Handsome released!

Everything Everything's new single, Photoshop Handsome has been released. I was one of around 50 completely separate animators who worked on the video. The original greenscreen footage was broken up into one or two second long clips which were then dished out to be manipulated and edited under various themes. Its pretty exciting to see all the finished clips brought together.

A short article and a making-of video can be found here;

Exclusive: Everything Everything's 'Photoshop Handsome' music video and making-of documentary.

Nervo - Irressistable and Shapshifters - Helter Skelter Promos

This Is a double post of music videos that I've been lucky enough to work on for independent animation director Rob Wicksteed.

The first, Nervo-Irresistible is a clubby dance tune with a stylised treatment. For this I worked on the modeling of the famous buildings and texturing and animating some of the background characters.

Shapeshiters- Helter Skelter. Again I worked on modeling on this, the Ferris wheels at the beginning of the film are mine and so are the 'music boxes' that pop up during the song. This is a brilliant song and video that's doing really well on YouTube.

Aviva in Imagine Magazine

Our stop motion project for Aviva has been featured in this months Imagine magazine! It includes an interview with me, Adam Comiskey and Jordan Wood about animating on the project. The finished advert was hosted on the MSN homepage.

This was a project for Asylum Films produced at Pew36.

Aviva Article

EA300 Stunt Plane for Brian Greene

This was a model I was asked to build for a commission for the Richard Dawkins online TV channel, for a short film by scientist Brain Greene. We needed a stunt plane so I decided to base my model on the Iconic EA300, the plane used in the RedBull air races.

The finished video can be viewed here.

Mr Sketchy by Will and the People

This promo was co-directed by myself and Ryan Herbert and produced by Jordan Woods at Pew36 studio. We're very grateful to everybody that has helped work on this, and it's great to see it online and getting views.

WWF "Heroes of the UAE" is released!

I was lucky enough to work as an animator on this stopmotion film at 3 Mills Studio London. It's very exciting to see it finally finished and released.

All rights owned by Asylum Films.

Museums at Night 2010

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog so I thought I would do a bit of updating with my latest work. Since Christmas it's kind of been non-stop which is good, I've been lucky enough to work on two big stop motion jobs, one at 3 mills studio in London. I've also co-directed my first music video.

Anyway to begin with, this is a short I created for Culture24's competition to make a short animation promoting their 'Night at the Museum' events.

Prodigy Competition- Scarecrows

Our entry into Dailymotion's competion to create a music video for the Prodigy, for the track entitled Run With The Wolves. Check out it here

please check it out and enjoy, original dailymotion upload can be found here,
Dailymotion Video

Self Reflection- Short film

This animated short was made in just three days while in between projects. The aim was to experiment with the possibilities of an ultra quick turn around and brush up on some editing skills, and of course spread awareness of the danger of mirrors.

One Man and His Dog

One Man and his Dog tells the dark tale of an unfortunate man driven to madness by a newly aquired pet. This three minute animated short was my graduation film from Southampton Solent University.

Read about the making of One Man and his Dog on my final year blog here